“Our Scout campsite at Chelwood between Bristol and Bath is popular with schools, clubs and other scout groups”

Important InfoBefore Arriving

● Payment for camping should be made at least 7 days before arrival.
● Please let us know if you are planning any specific activities on site that require visiting instructors, special equipment, or may impact on other users.
● If you need advice on activities or walking routes please get in touch.
● Orienteering maps are available by arrangement.
● It is your responsibility as the group leader to ensure that all risks are properly assessed and any issues identified, and eliminated or sufficiently mitigated. If you haven’t visited the site recently, we encourage you to do so. Please let us know if you would like to arrange a site recce. We would be happy to advise on site use and hazards.
● Please also prepare any additional needs assessment and/or Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) for any members of your group who may need one.
● Please familiarise yourself with the following:
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Important InfoOn Arrival

The site will be open on your arrival.
● It is not always possible to reserve a specific camping area.
● At busy times we may ask you to camp in a specific area.
● Please familiarise yourself with the fire drill notice on the noticeboard.

Vehicles on site
● It is absolutely essential that vehicle movements on site are kept to a minimum.
● Vehicles must keep under 5mph.
● Only vehicles that are staying on site for the duration of the camp should come on site. Parents should park in the car park near the gate. Leaders should meet campers at the gate.

Important infoDuring Your Stay

● We do not provide toilet rolls so please bring these with you.
● Please keep the toilet and wash areas clean (liaise with other groups if

Local Area
Please be respectful of our neighbours – particularly where crossing farmland and walking past houses.
● Please ensure any hike routes avoid the main road outside the site as the road can be busy and fast moving.

● Any fires in the camping field must be in alter fires.
● Half drums are available on site.
● Ground fires are permissible in the wooded areas but must be small & contained with appropriate risks assessed and water ready to extinguish it.
● You are welcome to use the campfire area but please liaise with other users/campers.

● The site is visited by deer and other wild animals (resident in the neighbouring woods). This means that, inevitably, there is a risk of campers picking up ticks, particularly from long grass and bracken.
● Please read the information provided on the noticeboard about the risks of
Lymes disease and appropriate action.
● If you need to contact the Warden Team then call:

  • Wilf 07900 574850
  • Gary 07887 808040
  • Dave 07834 628610
  • Tim 07866 685154
  • Barrie 07860 824283
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Leaving Chelwood

● Please leave the toilet block clean and tidy.
● All recyclable rubbish must be taken home and disposed of appropriately.
● Hazardous waste (batteries, chemicals etc) must be removed from site.
● Non-recyclable rubbish to be put in the skip near the entrance.
● Before leaving the site please check that:

  • Wood has been returned to the woodpile.
  • Ashes (when cool) have been disposed of in the ash bunker provided.
  • Drums have been returned to the drum pile.
  • The whole site is free of litter.
  • All taps are turned off (in the toilets and around the field).

Important infoWhen you Get Home


● Report any accidents that required/require medical attention using the form on our website (Click here). This will help us to monitor
● Let us have any constructive feedback on the site.
● Share any photos of interest (wildlife etc).
● Recommend the site to other groups.
● Visit again!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Many thanks

Wilf, Gary & the Warden Team
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Information for Site users

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